Computer Controlled Car

Topics: Personal computer, Radio frequency, Servomechanism Pages: 6 (1505 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Tribhuvan University
Institute Of Engineering
Kathmandu Engineering College
Kalimati, Kathmandu
Department of Electronics and Communication

Submitted By:
Abhishek Koirala(67003)
Adarsh Bhattarai(67005)
Amrit Khatiwada(67008)
Bijay Dulal(67025)

Submitted To:
Department of Electronics and Communication

Thursday Jan 10, 2013


Autonomous and semiautonomous robots have made their impact felt in industry for the past 20-30 years. More recently, the technology has been applied to vehicles in an attempt to create the autonomous car. Although hardware and software has been steadily advancing there have still been very few car projects to achieve complete autonomy and none to achieve commercial viability. This project is based on semi-autonomous car concept, controlled by the host computer in wireless mode. The wireless controller is based on Radio Frequency and the direction to the car is made by host computer manually. In this project, the precise communication between the host computer and the car is the major concern. The directions like turn right, turn left is to be followed by the model car. The movement of the car can be controlled more precisely and also the movements can be recorded or repeated. A variety of algorithm and technique can be developed for the stability and performance in this platform. This project can be developed as a platform for the semi-autonomous car and as a complete autonomous in near future. The performances of the model car under the noise conditions are to be determined and the hardware and software limitations are also to be analyzed.


1.0 Introduction of Project
2.1 General
2.2 Purpose
2.3 Wireless Communication
2.4 Application
2.0 Design Methodology
3.5 Physical Architecture
3.6 Design Description
3.7 Component list
3.0 Circuit Diagram
4.0 Tolerance and Performance Analysis
5.0 Engineering Specifications
6.0 Availability of Components
7.0 Conclusion

1.0 Introduction of Project
2.1 General
As the field of robotics has matured over the last few decades, many technological advances discovered have become cheaper and more widely available for application on new robotic projects. An important application for robotic automation to everyday life is the development of intelligent or autonomous vehicles. A great variety of possible uses exist for self-driving or self-navigating vehicles, ranging from passenger to military use. Complete autonomy, or full computer control of these vehicles, is obviously a very useful goal, but one that has proven problematic so far. This project attempts firstly to design new programming platform and control algorithm to interface model car with the host computer. The communication between the PC and car is based on Radio Frequency such that the direction to the car is made through the computer peripherals such as keyboard or joystick. RC cars commonly have two servomotors, each controlled by a designated RF channel. RF signals are generated when the driver moves the control sticks on a hand-held controller. We will implement this hand-held controller with an RF transmitter attached to a PC computer. An advantage of the computer interfaced controller over the hand-held one, is that the movement can be controlled more precisely. Additionally, the movements can be recorded and repeated.

2.2 Purpose
This is a proposal is stated as a platform for the semi-autonomous vehicles under the control of host computer. The RF communication with the appropriate algorithm and techniques implemented will help for the further communication between vehicles and the computer, ultimately between vehicles themselves as their intelligence (in the future).

2.3 Wireless Communication
Wireless communication is the technique to interface the device with one another...
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