Stl33 Promote Children's Positive Behaviour

Topics: Teacher, The Child, Head teacher Pages: 10 (2941 words) Published: February 12, 2013
1.1 Summarise the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s behaviour

• Behaviour policy
• Rewards and sanctions
• Attendance
• Anti-Bullying policy
• Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour
• Code of conduct
Behaviour policy: is a guide for all staff on how pupil’s behaviour should be managed. It provides a cleared shared understanding between the Head Teacher, staff, parents and pupils on discipline. It is vital that the policy is constantly being put into practice to ensure the safety of the pupils in school and the efficiency of pupil’s ability to learn.

In my setting the behavior policy includes:
* Expectations and responsibilities of Teachers behaviour and pupil’s behaviour * Principles of management
* School rules
* A guide on how to implement the policy using praise and consequences * Bullying and a guide on how to recognize and deal with it The principles of the policy in my setting are:
* Children have the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach * Children are encouraged to make ‘good choices’’ and be successful in school * Staff are required to encourage a positive approach to behavior management by using the systems, rewards and remembering verbal praise is vitally important * Successful implementation is a balance of recognition of good and poor behavior, responsibility, mutual respect and trust The pupils are required to:

* Respect others
* To take responsibility for their own behaviour in an age appropriate manner * To join staff in creating a caring, mutually supportive ethos * Children should know and understand the rules, rewards and sanctions of the behaviour policy Rewards and sanctions: Rewards and sanctions are in place to praise and reward positive behaviour and to try to eradicate negative behaviour. In my setting there is a variety of rewards systems and a joint reward/sanction system: * Buddy board - The board has a sad and a happy side and children can be moved to either side throughout the day but it is always re-set for the beginning of the next day. * Buddy card - where children can earn stamps each day for showing positive behaviour, each time a card is completed it goes into a sack and at the end of the term/year a card is pulled out the sack and that child gets a prize. * Marble jar - where children can earn marbles to fill the jar. The class is rewarded each time it’s filled. Marbles can never be taken out of the jar by teachers as punishment to inappropriate behaviour.

Attendances Policy: Schools have a legal obligation to provide an accurate attendance register of all their pupils. A school attendance policy is in place to ensure this and to reduce the absence rate of pupils. Most schools have a reward scheme in place for those pupils who have a 100% attendance during a term. The policy should state how the ethos and goals of that school will promote and lead to good attendance.

Anti-Bullying: The aim of an anti bullying policy is to ensure that pupils learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment without fear of being bullied. In my setting, we have procedures in place on how to deal with bullying or suspected bullying in school. My setting also raises the awareness of bullying to pupils and how to deal with it through inclusion of PSHE, assemblies and other subject areas as appropriate, in an attempt to eradicate such behaviour.

Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour: In my setting the school policy has procedures for dealing with disruptive behaviour. Consequences are in place if children choose to disregard the rules of the classroom. Consequences are set out in a clear hierarchy that will show pupils what will happen each time they make ‘wrong choices’ and disobey the school rules. Pupils who do not respond to the normal teaching and discipline strategies may require further support from some of the...
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