Stick and Stones

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Suffering Pages: 6 (1852 words) Published: April 8, 2013
You will complete a thorough outline in order to be prepared for your 5 paragraph essay.

Essay Topic- The term: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me. Is this statement true? Use life experiences, stories you know/find, famous quotes to support your argument… You should have taken some time to think about your essay topic. In your own words, rewrite the topic.

Essay Topic: People hurt me physically is worse than they hurt me verbally. In my opinion, this statement is not true.

Next, you will begin to formulate your thesis. Your thesis statement should be provable, not just a statement of fact. Also, remember that each of your quotes and examples (of which you will have 3) need to support your thesis. Make sure you choose a point that you can refer back to throughout the essay.

Thesis Statement:
Sticks and stones may break your bones, but verbal abuse destroys a person’s self-esteem, which is more detrimental than a broken bone, which mends.

Bones heal back, but even you have time to heal
I -You should use the Funnel Method when constructing introductory paragraphs. Start with a broad idea that connects to your topic. Then provide the necessary background information from the story to introduce the topic and the examples you will use to prove your argument. Finally, you will end with your specific and provable argument – your thesis.

Topic sentence: Most of the people have been in a situation where someone said, “you are so stupid,” or “you are a failure” to them. And most of the people have been in a situation where everyone around them called them a “sucker” or something even worse. Those words hurt, not physically like sticks and stones may hurt you, but mentally and emotionally.

Summary Info/Background:
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Have you ever stopped to actually think about this sentence? Is it true? For many people, no, it isn’t. It’s absolutely not. What others say to them can be very hurtful.

1. Seriousness of bullying and verbal abuse. 2. Comparison between physical pain and emotional pain. 3. Effects of bullying last for a long time.


II – Body Paragraph 1 will include 1) a topic sentence that connects your example to your thesis, 2) an example (written in your own words), 3) a quote that supports your example and connects to your thesis, 4) a full explanation of the quote/connection, and 5) a sentence that transitions your reader to your next paragraph and example. Topic sentence #1:

All types of bullying resulted in lower self-esteem, especially verbal abuse.

Example #1: Seriousness of bullying and verbal abuse.
She was called “a liar”, “a fat whore.” She was insulted and bullied that she suffered enormous pain from cyber bullying. She felt there was no way out. Eventually, all of these led to her death. She hanged herself with a belt in her room at age 13. She is Megan Meier. A poor girl who chose to end her life because of being bullied. And what led her to make this decision was not only because of things just happened to her, but also things that happened when she was 8. By the third grade, other kids called Megan fat and ugly. At that time, this eight-year-old little girl hated herself for the first time. Her self-esteem was damaged and she is no longer as confident as before. “She talked about suicide,” Mrs. Meier said, “and she would receive weekly counseling and an evolving list of medications as treatment.” And now, five years later, by the time Megan reached seventh grade, she was overweight. She favored clothes such as Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch just like other girls may love, however, she didn’t dare to wear them. Her low self-esteem and self-confident made she thought that didn’t deserve those nice...
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