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Devin HL

Intro to Logic PSI 103

Mrs. Anaya


Everyday thousands of men, women, even children are being stereotyped about something that they are doing. Everyone has their own stereotype and people that they judge and only think one certain way about them. However, Not everyone who judges knows the truth about the person that they are judging in the first place.

One stereotype that is very popular that I am constantly hearing from people is against African Americans. Many people say only African Americans are good at playing sports such as basketball or football. That is a huge stereotype that is very popular and many people talk about.

The one reason why I think people say that is because every time you watch a professional sport team there are always a lot more African Americans than white males. I believe something like that is true to an extent but there are many white males that are very good players, such as my favorite football team, Chicago Bears Brian Urlacher. He is one of Chicago's favorite football players and he is a white male. Also, Jay Cutler is Chicago Bears quarterback, he is also a white male. So saying that all African Americans are good at sports is not even a valid stereotype because it does not matter what color you are or what race you are. That does not make you a better sports player than anyone else.

The second stereotype is one of my favorites because I am a woman so when I hear a lot of people talk about women can't do as good of a job as a man or that men are smarter than women, which is a huge stereotype.

I do not agree with that argument at all. I feel that any job a man can do, a women can do it twice as better and correct. I believe this is a fact because women are use to all the stereotypes like this because this such thing has been around for many years. I believe us women play our roles better and we are in fact stronger. For example, Hillary Clinton, our...
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