The Impact of Stereotyping

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  • Published : July 11, 2012
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The Impact of Stereotyping

Stereotyping happens today more than anyone would like to admit it. It has an impact on everyone involved in this type of behavior. It can happen when a person least expects it. Stereotyping can happen during a job interview, at a public place, and anywhere amongst society. The impact of stereotyping may not be noticed immediately after the incident because of the ability to mask one’s feelings. Stereotyping has a negative impact on everyone directly and indirectly involved in this type of behavior.

The three most common stereotypes that I have witnessed happen or been a part of are stereotyping against women, blacks, and mentally retarded persons. The stereo types I have had experience with are, women are ignorant and can never be as smart or as strong as a man is, most black people are on welfare and steal, all mentally retarded persons are incapable of learning new things and cannot communicate and function successfully in society. Stereotyping happens when a judgment is made about a group of people, usually classified by the group’s ethnicity or gender. The judgment that is made does not have enough evidence to offer enough support to make the conclusion true. These judgments can often single out the groups characteristics and add false assumptions to the argument. Stereotyping arguments contain fallacies that can be easily indentified. One of these fallacies is hasty generalizations. Stereotyping is developed in a person’s mind usually through hasty generalizations. “Often the fallacy of hasty generalization can lead to damaging stereotypes made on the basis of just a few examples. Stereotypes about women, religious groups, minorities, ethnic groups, and so forth are often based on this type of reasoning” (Mosser, 2011, Hasty generalization, para. 4). I have made hasty generalizations about situations in my life and wish I had searched for more accuracy in my speculations. Unfortunately, we humans tend to...
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