Steroids Ruin Mlb

Topics: Major League Baseball, Barry Bonds, Baseball Pages: 3 (1142 words) Published: December 15, 2010
Imagine you are a professional baseball player in the MLB, and you’re one of the greats. You have been using steroids to help build your strength and look good. One Saturday night you blast your 74th homerun, setting a new record for most homeruns in a single season. Do you think you should be included in the record book, even though you used performance enhancing drugs? Do you feel you are cheating the sport and dishonoring America’s favorite pastime? Scenarios like this are actually happening in Major League Baseball. The use of anabolic steroids by professional baseball players negatively impacts the sport. The opposition will say that steroids positively impact baseball because it brings more homeruns, thus, driving more fans to the games. The truth is steroids produce a mess for the MLB. I have provided three reasons as to why steroids are damaging baseball. First, players are getting fined, suspended, and ejected from the league due to the use of these drugs. These baseball games are much less entertaining if key players are missing. There are now debates, causing a lot of controversy, as to whether or not a steroid user should be in the record book. And lastly, steroids are making players go homerun crazy and lose focus of the whole game. The sport would be better without these drugs.

First, steroid use causes people to question homerun records, such as in this paper’s opening scene. There isn’t even a rule in the MLB yet that states what happens when someone using steroids breaks a record. John Kuenster, writer for Baseball Digest and author of the article, “Major League Player Records Dishonored by Steroid Users” cannot decide what should be done with a new record set by a steroid user (Kuenster, par. 6). Author for Time magazine, Richard Corliss, suggests putting an asterisk next to the names in the record book that have used steroids (Corliss). A writer for Sports Illustrated thinks any broken records by a steroids user should not count at all...
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