"Juiced" Book Reiview

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  • Published : February 1, 2013
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"Juiced" Book review essay

"Juiced" Book review essay
Jose Canseco’s book Juiced was written to alert all fans of the truth and make his voice heard regarding the current situation (1995) with steroids and how steroids were introduced into the game of baseball. Having personally introduced steroids into the sport, Jose Canseco who was also known as “the chemist” was consistently sought out for advice and guidance from many of his fellow co-workers on the proper use of steroids and human growth hormone to build bigger and faster bodies which would consequently deliver enhanced performance, increased fan base, more sponsorships and bigger contracts. In this controversial book, Jose Canseco exposes many other players who allegedly used steroids, but most of them deny ever doing so. Jose Canseco’s writings discover a high level of hypocrisy at all levels within the sport, from the players, to owners, league officials and even fans. Jose Canseco’s information proves to be very damaging to the players, immediately after he personally named them as users, they were labeled as cheaters. Major League Baseball also suffered as an organization as well for having consciously looked away for many years and never addressing the issue because the inflated batting averages, stolen bases and especially the Home Runs were bringing many more fans and consequently more revenue. Critics view this literary work as an attempt to cash in on a highly controversial and ethical issue. Jose Canseco is characterized as bitter, and angered for having been pushed to the side by the league, owners, and players. His unchanged opinion on the use of steroids and his “irrational” believe that the use of steroids is beneficial, makes critics become furious and they claim Jose Canseco made the allegations to not gain respect or credibility, but to drag down many others with him to include Major league Baseball. The former rookie of the year who was the first player in history to hit...
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