Steroids and Hall of Fame

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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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Everyone’s SAFE
“Steroids and the Hall of Fame”

“Going, Going, Gone, Home Run!” everyone knows what this means when an announcer says it. The game of baseball is a different sport, unlike basketball and football; you do not necessarily need strength to be dominant. So, why are steroids a big issue in baseball? Steroids, in particular, anabolic steroids, build up cellular tissue or muscle. However, they do not give you the necessary skills to play the game. I am almost certain the world’s strongest man could not hit a home run on a major league field, so why punish those who have used steroids? Steroids are not like magic and transform and average man into a baseball icon, so players should not be held out of the Hall of Fame for an “illegal substance.”

Critics argue that steroids are illegal and harm the game of baseball. Major League Baseball (MLB) did not enact its anti-steroid policy until 2004. So, why are athletes getting punished for mistakes made in the past? Everyone has made mistakes in their past, our own President Barack Obama smoked marijuana in his younger days, but yet he is still the President of the United States. You can’t punish someone for making mistakes in the past, because in reality everyone in the world has made a mistake in their life. Critics also argue that the use of steroids is being mimicked by younger athletes. But, how about the rap videos and music videos that promote violence, you do not see the television companies taking them off of the air. Young teens are going to do whatever it takes to get better, so you cannot blame professional athletes. If baseball players never took steroids young men would still use steroids because there is a desire and will to get better. If steroids were that big of a deal with young teens then the government should regulate its use just like tobacco and alcohol.

Baseball is based mostly on your hand-eye...
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