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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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A steroid is a supplement or a PED (performance enhancing drug). Unlike a drug, supplements do not introduce their own chemical message. They only use proteins and chemicals in your diet that you already have. A steroid enhances testosterone and quickly builds muscle mass. Other names for a steroid are “Roids”, “Juice”, “Gym Candy”, “Pumpers”, “Stackers”, “Weight Trainers” or “Arnies”.

Steroids were first seen in the early 1930s, right before World War II. German scientists worked on and perfected the drugs throughout the 1930s. They then tested the steroids on German World War II soldiers. They found that the steroids enhanced physical performance and the soldiers quickly increased their muscle mass. After experiments on the WWII soldiers, steroids spread throughout Germany. In the 1936 Olympic Games, some German athletes were speculated to be using steroids. That year, Germany took home 33 gold medals, the most out of any country competing in the Games. After the 1936 Olympic Games, many countries were jealous, wanting their own steroids and arguing it was not a fair advantage. Soon after, steroids were spread throughout Europe, mostly for athletes in baseball, football and weightlifting. Not until after a popular article in an issue of “Strength and Health” in 1938 talking about steroids, did the United States really have an interest in supplements. The article talked about what the steroids were and what they did. It told many Americans how the steroid benefited their lives after using it. After the article was published the popularity of steroid users increased. Little did people know that by doing this, since steroids at this time were legal, average people and athletes around the country would soon get addicted and abuse the drug.

Steroids are to be used on a 6-12 week cycle. Which means, you take a steroid for 6-12 weeks then are off the steroid for usually 10-12 weeks. By doing this you reduce the chances of negative...
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