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The truth about steroids in today’s world

19th December, 2012.
Thesis statement: To prevent steroids we must first define what steroids are, discuss reasons for potential use and teaching about physical and physiological effects.

Part 1: History of steroids
Today’s world
Who are the users?

Part 2: The sciences behind it
Effects on behavior
Addiction and withdraws

Part 3: Programs without steroids
Patience’s that use steroids

History of steroids
Since the 1950s athletes have been using many different assortments and variations of anabolic steroids in order to increase their muscle mass and athletic performance. Yet, only recently over the last ten to twenty years has the general public also began to indulge in anabolic steroid use. The main sect of the population that has allowed anabolic steroids to become so widespread over the years has been athletes at all levels of competition. From paid professional athletes to high school and junior high school performers, anabolic steroid has become a recent epidemic in all facets of athletics. The only way to prevent anabolic steroid use from growing is by defining what an anabolic steroid is, by discussing reasons for potential use, through teaching others about the physical and physiological effects of anabolic steroids, and some recent programs to prevent steroid use.

The origin of anabolic steroids comes from the male sex hormone taken in order to increase growth and weight gain. They work by increasing the metabolic process during protein synthesis. The world was first introduced to this sex hormone during the late 1930s where most steroids were used to treat hypogonadism, which is a condition when a male does not produce sufficient testosterone for normal growth, development, and sexual functioning. Also during the 1930s it was discovered that anabolic steroids increased the skeletal growth of laboratory animals, which subsequently led anabolic steroids to be used by body builders and weightlifters.

Today’s world
The uses of anabolic steroids in these athletic fields were soon banned from the sports because habitual use of the drug often affected the outcome of these contests. This is why today most steroids are illegal and the only way to acquire them is through illegal smuggling of the product. Besides true anabolic steroids there are steroid supplements that can be used as alternatives to this illegal drug. Some examples of steroid supplements that can be purchased legally are aredehydroepian-drosterone (DHEA) and androstenedione (Andro). These types of steroid supplements along with other true illegal anabolic steroids can be taken orally, injected into the muscle, or rubbed on the skin in the form of gels and creams. Most anabolic steroids are used in a pattern called cycling where an athlete takes multiple doses of the steroids rotating being on and off the drug over a certain period of time. Also many anabolic steroid users often combine different types of steroids in a process called stacking where users believe that by taking an assortment of steroids that they will produce a greater muscle development then taking the steroids individually. Finally, another way of taking steroids is through a method called pyramiding where users slowly increase steroid use until they reach a certain point where they then slowly decrease steroid use until they are completely off the drug. No matter how or what type of steroid or steroid supplement a person decides to use there are reasons for every athletes or ordinary persons rational to indulge in and become a statistic of the soaring increase in anabolic steroid use.

Who are the users?
Surprising it is not only football players or weightlifters that are users of...
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