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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Disproving Stereotypes: All Mexicans Are Illegal Immigrants
Immigration in this country is something on everybody’s mind. There are immigrants that flow into America from all over the world, but people always think the same thing when they hear the word “immigration.” The first topic that gets into everybody’s mind is Mexico. This way of thought is blatantly incorrect, and is also somewhat offensive. The generalization of an entire group of people is a wrong act and should not be committed from ignorance. Although immigration is happening everywhere, people tend to make out that all Hispanics are illegal aliens in America. This is certainly not the case, and it is a shame that people can be so close-minded as to think this.

The current amount of illegal immigrants in America is approximately 13 million. There are over 50 million, legal Hispanic American citizens also residing here. In a country of about 300 million, this statistic makes one out of every six American Citizen have Hispanic descent. According to this stereotype, one out of every six persons in America is an illegal immigrant, which is obviously not the case. Of course, with the combined population of the legal and illegal Hispanics living here we would get the same probability but only dealing with Hispanics; one out of every six Hispanic person living in America is living here illegally. Although this is somewhat statistically correct, it is really not safe to assume such a claim.

The amount of people who believe this stereotype is breathtaking. Why even generalize something such as this? There have been reports of immigration since America began. Only recently have society and the media been focusing more on Hispanics. The portrayal of Hispanics as illegal immigrants happened rather quickly, and is affecting many people. We as a society need to stop marking people down and giving them labels and we need to accept everyone equally. Mexicans come to this land to seek opportunity. They come...
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