Stereotypes Against Hispanics

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Stereotypes Against Hispanics
Throughout time most Latin Americans have been seen as an undereducated and naïve race. For instance the type of job an American citizen would have wouldn’t be recommended for a Hispanic, because society has adjusted to them only doing the jobs they are good at. These so called “good” jobs are actually low-wage jobs that in an economy like the one today would not be able to support a family. Today Latin Americans have created a better name for themselves and are no longer seen as inferior uneducated beings, but as an inspiring race of people that show with a little hard work anything is possible. Certain stereotypes on Hispanics are that they lack education, while attempting to survive with low-level jobs. Based on research, this type of stereotype may seem to be true. Hispanics educational attainment is for the nations concern. The Census Bureau in 2002 shows that Hispanics are the least educated group out of other races. With the growing population, Hispanics face barriers through lack of academic guidance. (Source D). Despite the fact Hispanics are the least educated; they have been progressing each year in success. Today, American society, education has become an important value for Hispanics, survival of the fittest, they say. Financial pressure is one of the biggest reasons of their gap in success. But this doesn’t stop them in attaining education. “Hispanics say a college life is important in getting ahead in life.” The percentage of Hispanics attending college has been increasing based on the Demographics Trends of 2009. Many are achieving bachelor degrees and higher. (Source C). This Stereotype may be true in some cases; however it doesn’t apply to all Hispanics. Many Hispanics are educated and they were able to achieve a career job. Education can’t be taken away, it’s the choice of one to be fit or not.

Over time Hispanics gained the title stereotype that a large majority of them were poor and uneducated. Many...