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Other Operating Expenses
at the company which makes a high turnover and a bad staff satibout . e in the HOTS game.

Year: 2011-2012
Module: 3

Team 8

Other Operating Expenses
at the company which makes a high turnover and a bad staff satibout . e in the HOTS game. Year: 2011-2012
Module: 3
Class: 2PDOd
Team 8

Performance dashboard year 2 & 3:3
Total turnover4
Figure 1; Total revenue.4
Figure 2; Net income5
Figure 3; Total rooms sold6
Figure 4; Room occupancy %7
Figure 5; The average room rate (ARR)8
Figure 6; Revenue per available room (RevPAR)9
Figure; 7 Public awareness10
Figure 8; Staff turnover (annual %)11
Benchmark Internal year 2 & 3 using variance analysis12
Cost of sales13
Payroll and Related13
Gross profit less wages13
Other direct costs13
Total fixed costs14
Income before taxes IT14
3.3 Benchmark Internal year 2&3 using DuPont analysis15
3.4 Benchmark Best in competitive set:17
3.5 Benchmark with the industry19

Performance dashboard year 2 & 3:

In the chapter performance dashboard of year 2 & 3 an analysis of important figures in relation to the business SMC will be given. The figures entail every month from every year this means 4 years are shown, year 0 until year 3. A total of 9 figures is used and will be individually explained. Total turnover

Figure 1; Total revenue.

The total revenue of hotel SCM can be found in figure 1 which is shown above. The last two years the hotel made a lot more revenue than previous years, this can be explained by the investment of the entrepreneurs. In the last two year more revenue can be made because of the investment in year zero and one. Due to investment the facilities and comfort of hotel SCM expanded which results in higher revenue.

Figure 2; Net income

The net income over the 4 years that SCM exists are shown in figure 2. There is a lot fluctuation within one year especially when looking at January and December year one. In year one and a little less in year two the tables shows that the figures are low and even negative. Year 2 and 3 are a bit more constant but with a remarkable negative figure in September year 2. These negative figures is due to the investments that are made. Implementation of services, refurbishment and investing in marketing makes the total direct costs high which influences the net income negatively. After year one the average net income increased enormously. There were no big investments anymore and therefore no high cost which would influence the net income in a negative way.

Figure 3; Total rooms sold
In figure 3 an overview of the total rooms sold is shown. The hotel opened in year zero and from that moment on the line is progressive which means on average a growth in total rooms sold can be concluded. In year 1 on average 2797 rooms were sold on monthly basis, in year 2 this number was 4196. The last year the total rooms sols increased again to 4699 rooms average sold on monthly basis. On average hotel still improved itself every year with number of rooms sold because the total increased every year.

Figure 4; Room occupancy %

In figure 4 the room occupancy in percentages is shown for the 4 years that hotel SCM exists. In year zero the occupancy percentage was the lowest and the highest for year three because of the progressive line which was also shown in total rooms sold. On yearly basis a stable line is shown with in April a high percentage and a decrease in occupancy percentage at the end of the year, this is related to the high and low season so is totally understandable. The low occupancy percentage in year zero can be explained due to the fact that the rooms weren`t done so couldn`t be sold.

Figure 5; The average room rate (ARR)
The average...
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