Aline Deneuve Case Analysis

Topics: Employment, Management, Wage Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: November 16, 2012
Case Analysis: Aline DeNeuve
The case upholds Aline DeNeuve’s conversations with some of the employees of her workplace regarding the relevancy of taking a business retreat, and what expectations and outcomes can come out of it. After going through the talks with her employees, it can be clearly stated that the management system of the firm is broken down as the low morale and attitudes of the staff are deeply shocking. This mainly caused due to perception error among the employees and their higher ups. Heather, one of the employees, showed her resentment towards her supervisor because of not promoting her. She attributed his boss’s decision directly to the notion that he doesn’t like foreigners (Heather is Chinese) and completely ignored the fact that she has been taking a large number of sick leaves. From Heather’s point of view taking a three day retreat won’t actually solve this anti-social attitude among the employees within the organization. As for Jack, the reason he doesn’t want to attend the retreat is also for not getting a promotion to the director post. He stated that he didn’t get the promotion because of himself being black. Also he pointed out to increase the security by investing the money that was financed for the retreat as he accused the staffs for taking out a lot of office supplies. He also emphasized on launching a socialization program in order to increase workplace relationship. Another employee, named June, complained about her work being too stressful. She also said that the senior management didn’t pay notice to her demand of hiring more service representatives which will ease her work. She also complained regarding the customers of not using their common sense and calling for every tiny bit of issues they are having. These problems are attributing to her depressed and stressed life and also ruining her marriage.

As for Alison, who works as a supervisor of employee benefits and services, also expressed same attitude regarding...
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