Steele Enterprise

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  • Published : November 5, 2010
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Case 10: Steele Enterprises

Main Problem: Constant fighting between Richard Leeman, Chief of Chemical Branch Public Relations and Donna Olson, Chief of Mechanical Branch Public Relations.

Facts of the Case:
1.Olson and her team were tasked to take charge of the PR Dinner and she was claiming that Leeman suddenly took over the arrangements, without any directive from their boss, for the dinner which infuriated Olson. 2.Leeman was claiming that if it was not for him, the company would have to pay $4,000 on top of the $12,000 budget. He took action when he saw the cost sheet of the catering manager amounting to $16,500. 3.With the constant fighting, it has been brought to the attention of the Regional Manager, Alfred Gamble and kidded that the type of competition should be fierce in the PR business. 4.Documented cases, seven to be in particular, between Leeman and Olson.

Alternative Solutions:
1.Getting rid of either Leeman or Olson.
* This MIGHT reduce the constant bickering between the two branches.

* Losing one of the most talented employees would be a great adjustment for the company. It might also take time before they can replace a skilled employee. * This might also create more conflict between the two groups but the main problem would be ‘Who should the company dismiss? And for what grounds?’. It might be unfair for the other party. 2.Trading either Leeman or Olson for Bob Lyons at the Central Region Office at St. Louis.

* This MIGHT reduce the constant bickering between the two branches. * The branches might be more cooperative considering that the person that they’d be dealing with in the other branch is someone new.

* The skills of Leeman and Olson are something worth investing in. Losing them would be a great disadvantage to the company. * The new party might have a hard time adjusting to the environment particularly with how the conflict of the party s/he’s replacing has affected the dynamics of...
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