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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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This project is a special kind of circular LED display with the help of some mechanical assembly, LED count, hardware requirement, and hence overall cost is cut to very affordable price. Also, maintenance and repairing of the display is so easy, that anyone having a little electronics knowledge can take care of this. All the synchronizing can be implemented through software. First of its kind, made using the 40-pin AT89C52 microcontroller. This propeller display is mechanically scanned and displays the characters in digital format. Made from scrape it can be used anywhere and everywhere and the most amazing fact about the display is its crystal clear display. This display consists of just 23 bright LED’s which are rotated to show the display. For building the project, requirement 40 pin microcontroller and LED’s. this display can show the message, which will require a whopping 1504 LED’s. so hardware and cost minimization achieved. Chapter 1

In this chapter we discuss about the general introduction of propeller display and why we need this project in the daily life. Chapter 2
In this chapter we study about the circuit diagram and the working principle (persistence of vision) of the propeller display. Chapter 3
In this chapter we discussed about the components and their details which are used in this project like microcontroller and its pin description, crystal oscillator, Regulator IC and its uses, Ceramic capacitor, LED and PCB, Resistors, Single phase induction motor etc. we also described thes component in briefly. Chapter 4

In this chapter we discussed about the making of the project (propeller display) and the mechanical assembly and the set-up of the project.
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