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The OLED is a solid-state devices composed of thin films of organic molecules that create light with the application of electricity. To compare with LCD system, OLED is Thinner, Faster, More efficient, Wider, and more Flexible. actually, it will be a next generation display and the future's light source. So to get close with new technology, we started on research that.

Main purpose is using organic materials to produce the Red, Green, and Blue OLED, and to improve the efficiency. For that we have learned and studied these contents. I will concisely review about that.

first, The structure of OLED is actually pretty simple. it consists sandwiched organic films between anode and cathode. principle is that Excitons are generated by electrons from cathode, holes from anode. when its fall down to ground state, energy release as the form of photon. at that time, OLEDs emit light.

these are making process of oled. after etching cleaning and drying ITO, we operate this Vacuum deposition device. finishing the Organic and Metal deposition, we have to pack the OLED. It is sensitive to oxygen and moisture, so we have to solve this problem through packing. And this process is called "Package" So through this course, we produce oleds!!!

These are the final production of Red, Green, and Blue OLED.

Those are when the OLEDs are lightened.
And from now on, I will explain the experiment we did to improve the efficiency of OLED.

this is the structure of OLED used in our study.
it has the additional layers on the basic structure. to have the most efficient result, this structure is the best suit for us.

To be more specific, look at this graph
for electrical measurement , We used two keithely electrometers. This graph shows a corresponding luminance as a function of voltage. red line is basic structure and black line is 6 layer structure in the red oled, All devices start to emit at 4V and reach maximum luminance at...
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