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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Diana Mosheyev
Pd 7. Statistics Essay
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The mean is the average of all of the numbers added together and divided by the number of data. The median is the middle number in a data set that is numerically in order. The mode is the number that occurs the most often in a data set.

A skewed distribution measures lack of similarity in a bell-shaped graph known as a bell curve. It occurs when data is plotted on the graph based on normal measured traits. A normal distribution is symmetrical on both sides of the mean while a negative distribution has fewer scores on the left side of the mean than the right side. It is the opposite for a positive skew.

The value for the mean, median and mode is the same for a normal distribution. 34% of the population has a score that is 85 to 100. 34% of the population has a score 100 to 115. This is done by subtracting and adding one standard deviation. 13% have scores 70 to 85 and 116 to 130. This is done by subtracting and adding 2 standard deviations. 2% have scores 55 to 69 and 131 to 145, which is done by doing the same math, but replacing it with 3 standard deviations.

Yes. A score of 115 in Group 1 is 1 standard deviation...
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