Statistics Questions on Regression Analysis, Time Series, and Other Topics

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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SECTION A (You should attempt all 10 questions)

A1.Regression analysis is ____________________________________. A) describes the strength of this linear relationship.
B) describes the mathematical relationship between two variables. C) describes the pattern of the data.
D) describes the characteristic of independent variable.

A2.__________________ is used to illustrate any relationship between two variables. A) Histogram
B) Pie chart
C) Scatter diagram
D) Frequency polygon

Questions A3 to A5 relate to the following information.

Suppose a firm fed the values of turnover, y, and advertising expenditure, x, (both in $000) for the past eight years, into a computer and obtained the regression relationship y = 26.7 + 8.5x.

A3.What is the dependent variable?
A) Number of computers
B) Size of the firm
C) Turnover
D) Advertising expenditure

A4.What is the independent variable?
A) Number of computers
B) Size of the firm
C) Turnover
D) Advertising expenditure

A5.If the advertising expenditure is $5000 in a particular year, estimate the turnover for that year. A) $69,200
B) $42,526.70
C) $26.7
D) $69.20

A6.Explain what the following sample correlation coefficients tell you about the relationship between the x and y values in the sample: r = - 0.8
A) No correlation.
B) Perfect negative correlation.
C) Strong negative correlation.
D) Weak negative correlation.

A7.What is meant by time-series data?
(A)A set of values which occurs sequentially in time.
(B)A set of qualitative data.
(C)A set of values which occurs randomly.
(D)A set of marks obtained by a group of students.

A8.The classical approach to time series analysis identifies four influences or components on the time series. Which of the following is NOT a time-series component?...
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