Statistics of the Euro Crisis in 2011

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Statistical books

Europe in figures
Eurostat yearbook 2011

Statistical books

Europe in figures
Eurostat yearbook 2011

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Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2011

ISBN 978-92-79-18414-7
ISSN 1681-4789
Cat. No KS-CD-11-001-EN-C

Theme: General and regional statistics
Collection: Statistical books

© European Union, 2011
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Our yearbook Europe in figures provides you with
a selection of the most important and interesting
statistics on Europe. Drawing from the huge amount
of data available at Eurostat, we aim to give an insight
into the European economy, society and environment
- for example, how the population of the European
Union is changing, how the economy is performing
in comparison with the USA or Japan, or how living
conditions vary between Member States. I hope that
you will find information of interest both for your
work and for your daily life.
In 2011, for the first time, you can find the content of
t his book updated online in Statistics Explained. As
usual, the latest and most complete versions of all the
data can be downloaded from the Eurostat website.
Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union. Working together with national statistical authorities in the European Statistical System, we produce official statistics which meet the highest possible standards of quality.

I wish you an enjoyable reading experience!

Walter Radermacher
Director-General, Eurostat – Chief Statistician of the European Union

Europe in figures – Eurostat yearbook 2011 – presents a comprehensive selection of statistical data on Europe. The yearbook may be viewed as an introduction to European statistics and provides guidance to the vast range of data freely available from the Eurostat website at: Most data cover the period 1999-2009 for the European Union and some indicators are provided for other countries, such as members of EFTA, candidate countries to the European Union, Japan or the United States (subject to availability). With more than 420 statistical tables, figures and maps, the yearbook treats the following areas: economy and finance; population; health; education and training; the labour market; living conditions and social protection; industry, trade and services; agriculture, forestry and fisheries; international trade; transport; the environment; energy; and science and technology.

Jukka Piirto
Eurostat, Unit D4 - Dissemination
Annika Johansson, Veronika Lang
Eurostat, Unit D4 - Dissemination
Contact details
Bâtiment Joseph Bech
5, rue Alphonse Weicker
2721 Luxembourg
This publication was produced by Informa sàrl
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Data extracted
September to December 2010 (unless otherwise noted)


The editor-in-chief and the editorial team of the Eurostat yearbook would like to thank a ll those who were involved in its preparation. The...
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