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Demand of Small states will change the entire future of India in 21 Century


Let's understand and know why creation of small states is not good for India

- Regional Conflicts among states will increase
- Creation of small state will divide India
- Small states in India are not making progress
- Increase in corruption among Politicians and state officials - Increase in Maoist activities

Why a Telangana state?
Today some Political parties and Junk Action committees in AP argue that small states develop well, resources will belong to the locals only, and local leaders will do all good for them, and the locals will get better employment.

Telangana agitation is reckoned to be handiwork of jobless politicians, they have no value within their party.

Telangana supporting leaders want to win the race of CM & Cabinet positions rather than developments in the state.

If they are so concerned about the Telangana people and the developments in the region, they should work out a development agenda and fight for the same rather than demanding for separate state.

Let Telangana leaders resign right now and get lost forever. These are the politicians who want to destabilize India. They have elected in 2009 and want to resign in 2010 for nothing. They are the least wanted people over here and most unfit politicians. Calling for bandhs, causing unnecessary inconvenience to the common man.

Leave India alone as it is without any more divisions. Let there be no more bifurcation of states, just be fair to all the people of our state.

[pic]But what is the reality?
Taking the advantage of this situation major political parties have raised the bogie of separate Telangana state.

The end result is more politicians will become millionaires and billionaires but the condition of the common people will deteriorate.

Look at the small states like Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur formed long ago and also Jarkhand, Uttaranchal, Chattisgadh formed a few years back.

There is absolutely no development in these states nor is there any hope of development in the future. Then why do we need a separate state?

Even the students were misguided by the so called Junk Action Committees. Lets save the future of our students and be a part of their success.

Hoping that the Supporters of small separate states will give up their anti-people policies by understanding the outcome in better way.

"Separation of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh"

What can V do?

Need to educate the people who demand separate Telangana with below info:

Andhra Pradesh has three regions, Andhra, Rayalaseema, and Telangana. For the last few years, we are seeing Telangana issue every now and then.

Those who want to have separate state do not understand the problems in the creation of the new state, and the problems after the formation of the state.

After Telangana, another wants separate Rayalaseema and then Andhra. It will not end here there are couple of other states in queue for demanding smaller states.

There are many disadvantages in this approach. It requires thousands of crores to create a new state instead of this we can spend the same for developments.

[pic]Once the new state is formed, many people would be affected by that. If a person has business in both the states, then they will have to pay tax in both the states.

There will be continuous issues and will witness more worst situations in both the sides.

A separate Telangana can slow down, perhaps even halt the entire development process. There could be a fight of capital, to coastal cities, to other states.

If Hyderabad’s “cosmopolitan” elite migrates, Telangana does not as yet have its modernised, self-confident, cash-rich upper class ready to step in.

Hyderabad will suffer from the state’s bifurcation. Old communal wounds may get raked.

[pic]We need united AP, but the politics of a separate Telangana will regress into new caste and...
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