Statement of Work

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Statement of Work
I am pursuing final semester of Bachelors course in Electronics and Communications Engineering. I got admission in Masters Bio-Engineering. There is a reason in choosing Bio-Engineering in my Masters. During my earlier education Biology is one of my favorite subjects. With my knowledge and experience in electronics, I would like to incorporate the theories of electronics into the fields of biology and can contribute to the research in Bio-Engineering with an emphasis on Signal Processing.

To be one of the candidates for the post of Graduate Assistant I possess the necessary skills which include lab, subjective, communication and management skills. * Lab skills: Having great passion towards practical work. I have enough expertise on design and implementation of various electronic and electrical circuits in the labs like Electrical Science lab, Communications lab, Digital Electronics lab, Linear Electronics lab, Microprocessors and Microcontroller lab, Digital Signal Processing lab, Control Systems lab and Engineering Mechanics lab. * Subjective skills: My area of theoretical interest had an exposure to subjects such as Advanced Electronic Circuits, Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation, Integrated Circuits and Systems, RF and Microwave Engineering, VLSI Design, High Power Semiconductor Devices, Digital Electronic Circuits, Control Systems and Electrical Science. * Communication skills: I have proficiency in English and good communication Skills. I have secured 23 marks for speaking section in TOEFL. * Management skills: I am an active member of Electronics and Communication Society (ECS) and Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE). I have participated and coordinated various technical and non-technical events at college level. Worked as graduate assistant under Mr. Krishna lal Baishnab, Assistant Professor ,ECE department, National Institute of Technology Silchar

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