Statement of Purpose-Finance

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  • Published : May 12, 2012
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Dear Madam/Sir,

Education is a part of human being’s life at every stage. Developing theoretical knowledge enriches daily life; on the other hand, practice paves the path for building up new theories. This is a virtuous circle enriching both the academia, and the individuals. My intention is to follow this path by enrolling to the MSc in International Accounting and Finance program. For this purpose, I am applying to the MSc in International Accounting and Finance program of University of Birmingham, an unparalleled institution with an incomparable graduate program. I believe that Birmingham’s globally ranked MSc in International Accounting and Finance Program would be invaluable for me to acquire the required knowledge and skills for conducting research in this area and would enable me to join the ranks of the finance sector with the highest skills available.

When I was first introduced with introductory finance courses in the second year of my undergraduate study, I was very eager to experience how I could use those in handling real life financial problems. Finance is used to determine and control the mechanism by which money is allocated in the economy. Without a well functioning financial system, people, business or governments will not be able to raise the capital they need for implementing their good ideas or undertake investments in a market-based economy. Financial knowledge and discipline are useful in every area of the life. In the global world, the competition and integration are so intense that it is necessary to be able to understand the complexities that occur in the economy which has an enormous impact in also financial sectors. In this intense period in which the new opportunities all over the world are realized, the restructuring of the financial sector is required. MSc in Finance and Investment program has a broad field of study which provides the students the necessary detailed specific technical knowledge of the finance topics which...
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