Statement of Purpose

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I would like to introduce myself as JOHN. I have completed my bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication from SIR M.VISVESVARAYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY an esteemed institution under BANGALORE UNIVERSITY.I always had the ambition of pursuing the MS program right from my childhood days.

I firmly believe that inquisitive and explorative attitude leads to constant learning process. As an Electronics Engineer, I look for graduate study to refine my knowledge and skills in my areas of interest. I believe it will also serve to give direction to my goal of a career as research oriented organization.

During my undergraduate study subjects like Communication systems, Signal processing, VLSI, Control systems, Microprocessors have been my favorite subjects. In particular I like Signal processing & VLSI, and would like to specialize in that. The electronic chip has always fascinated me. As years roll by the size of the chip is decreasing and the cost is decreasing effectively. Though the size is decreasing, the sophistication of the function performed by the chip is increasing all the time. This advancement in the technology of the chip industry has inspired me to work in that industry, but as for my MS degree, I would remain open to other topics as well.

My project work during my final year of undergraduate course was on Flash Microcontrollers (ATMEL AT89C55).The title of the project was “SERIAL COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CONTROL CARDS IN (10+1) MUX”.10 is the number of Voice/data channels.1 is order wire which is not included in the voice/data channels and must be written separately. This may appear a deviation from the area in which I wish to specialize, I am aware of the role that Microcontroller plays in field of Electronics. Hence, with an aspiration to specialize in area of VLSI or Signal processing, I present my application in front of you hoping for positive consideration.

I am aware universities in USA offer great...
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