Statement of Motivation

Topics: Economics, Environment, Sustainability Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: November 15, 2010

Developmental issues have become increasingly important as it encompasses the very existence of man. It is within development cycles that human nature revolves to meet the challenges found in it as a cause of nature and man. Issues relating to the Environment are of utmost importance to me as I find myself in the part of the world that is lagging behind on issues relating to Environmental Management. Ghana is challenged with problems of concrete and concise Environmental policies and strategies and the very few that exist are faced with problems of effective implementation. These challenges have deep effects on the socio-economic development of my country-Ghana Two scenes stand out in my mind in Ghana: Forests burning before seed planting and animal hunting. Before the planting season, leafless remnants of burnt trees are seen standing. The burning of these forests destroys both the habitats and countless species which depend on and thrive in these habitats. The few remaining bare, scarred trees silently convey the cost to our natural resources of pursuing our economic interests. Even though government preserves forests in response to international pressure however, most of this preservation occurs alongside major roads — not to protect the ecosystem, but to prevent disturbance to ranches and farms along the highways. The clash between economic and environmental concerns that exist in Ghana today fascinates me and attracts me to the Environmental Studies Program.

In view of this, I aspire to study Environmental Management so as to acquire adequate understanding of recent developmental theories, learn how to plan and conduct research, and gain skills at translating research findings into development policies, develop intervention strategies, and strong institutional capacities to enable me make appropriate recommendations for intervention.

A few courses in Integrated Development Studies increased my interest in the connection...
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