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Managerial Functions are universal processes which characterize all group efforts-public or private, large scale or small scale. These functions include the organization, direction, coordination and control of human and technical resources to achieve the desired goals of an organization. (Gregorio, 1978) Gregorio, Herman C. (1978) School Administration and Supervision. Quezon City R.P. Garcia Publishing Company.

How well an organization operates to realize its goal depends upon the degree of integration of goal achievement behaviour and group maintenance behaviour in the organization . effective and efficient organizational functioning requires that collective action of the members of an institution requires be directed to the attainment of its recognized and accepted goals. This may be assured if they derive personal and social satisfaction from the work and from their relationships with the members of their group and if they have high performance goals. Managerial Styles of Bank Managers in the City of Baguio, Shashi Kiran Maskey (January 1989)

Financial Management is one with the most job opportunities. Financial Management is important in all types of business , including banks and other financial institutions, as well as industrial and retail firms. Financial management is also important in governmental operations, from schools to hospitals to highway departments. The job opportunities in financial management range from making decisions regarding plant expansion to choosing what type of securities to issue when financing expansion. Financial managers also have the responsibility for deciding the credit terms under which customers may buy, how much inventory the firm should carry, how much cash to keep on hand, whether to acquire other firms (merger analysis), and how much of the firm’s earnings to plow back into the business versus pay out as dividends. Regardless of which area a finance major enters, he or she will need a knowledge of all three...
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