Starbucks Organizational Culture

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  • Published: December 12, 2012
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How Culture Affects Productivity Organizational culture and productivity are closely related. Simply stated, productivity is the art of getting the company''s products and/or services to the customer at the lowest possible cost. But it is more than that - it is related to quality, to customer needs and to labour relations. In other words, productivity and good management are inseparable. Productivity is a result of motivation, and motivation thrives in a good climate. If management is to transform this fragile good climate into a long-lasting culture for success, it will have to focus on the following seven areas of improvement: 1. Organizational Clarity The degree to which the goals and plans of the organization are clearly perceived by its members rises in proportion to the employees'' feelings of involvement in the goal-setting and planning procedures. Fostering this feeling of involvement and direction is more important than presenting lists of objectives and detailed plans. To promote organizational clarity, involve all members of the organization in the goal-setting and planning process. 2. Decision-Making Structure We tend to forget that the main purpose of structure is to facilitate decision making, not to develop new organizational charts and lines of authority. In some organizations, especially high technology, ambiguity or looseness of structure may be preferable. Make sure that there is a free flow of information for decision making throughout the organization, and that the structure for disseminating that information allows positive outcomes. 3. Organizational Integration Determine how much cooperation exists among various units of the organization. Do they communicate effectively to help achieve the organization''s objectives. Cut through red tape by forming temporary task forces, made up of people from various disciplines, which sidestep hierarchial structures. 4. Relationship of Management Style to Culture The use of an authoritarian style in a...
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