Starbucks Online Marketing Analysis

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Online Branding Report

Nurun – A Global Interactive Marketing Agency

Who is Nurun?

Nurun is a global marketing firm who specializes in proving value to a company’s products through “digital utility”. They start any project by thinking like the customer that will be using the product or service, right down to their daily activities. They then discover how adding a digital dimension (whether it be a website, social media, apps, or other innovative digital media types) will increase the customer’s perception of the brand and make the brands useful in everyday life.

Who Have We Worked For?

Nurun has done work for major brands such as: L’Oreal, Lacoste, Maserati, Tropicana, Government of Canada, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, and Disney, just to name a few. For these organizations they have worked on tasks such as: New websites, creation of mobile apps, and live interactive video.

The Differences We Have Made

Nurun completed an interactive website for La Redoute who specialize in designer clothing. The issue with La Redoute is they were ranked eighth among French e-commerce sites in 2011. They wanted a site where consumers could interact and choose exactly what they wanted.

Nurun was able to step in and made a whole new website based around the model of a magazine. Unlike your typical website, they created La Redoute to be interactive and looked like a big magazine. However they created a complete digital component with pictures, videos and an interactive shopping cart within the online magazine.

Nurun was able to increase the overall time spent on the site, as well as the continued interest among the consumers.

Starbucks – Coffee Wars

Recently we have seen many major players prosper in the coffee market. McDonalds is probably one of the top global companies to take advantage of this and offer discount coffee lattes and more to their customers. They have developed their McCafé brand to be superior to Starbucks globally and have been slowly taking market share from this close competitor. However Starbucks has recently responded to McDonalds by offering breakfast sandwiches, and fresh baked goods. They also offer their own coffee by the bag, and their own custom brewing systems to accompany their coffee.

To keep up with this dominant competition, Starbucks will have to show that they are a prestige and unique brand that has more to offer in terms of taste, customer experience, as well as customer accessibility. Through innovation and keeping the brand upbeat and exciting, Starbucks will have to prove themselves to be far superior to McDonalds and needs to offer more than just a coffee; they need to offer an overall experience.

As noticed by the positioning of Starbucks locations, they appeal to a more upscale crowd with typically a higher than average income. These individuals typically have access to smartphones, Internet, and computers. Starbucks has already utilized these forms of media, however, these forms of media should be looked at a little more closely to enhance the customer experience.

At Nurun we will be able to identify exactly what your customers will be looking for. We will also use various forms of digital media to ensure that all current and future customers are reached on their computers and mobile devices. As leaders in the digital world, we will ensure that you are one step ahead of the competition with your mobile apps, interactive web pages, and we will even incorporate traditional marketing concepts to help your brand excel.

Digital Utility

Today’s consumers like interactive media that they can become involved with. We have also seen a trend in the consumer marketplace where people are constantly on the go and have little extra time; we like to call this trend a “poverty of time”. Therefore catering to these two needs and trends though apps and interactive web pages will entice consumers towards the enjoyment of the Starbucks brand. This also is something that...
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