Starbucks Marketing Audit

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Conduct a Marketing Audit
Conduct an External Marketing Audit


a) External Marketing Audit
In this external audit, Starbucks is looking at its macro and micro external environment. Macro Environment includes:
* Economic-Demographic
* Technology
* Culture
* Political and Legal
* Markets
* Competitors
Micro Environment includes:
* Market Force
* Market and customers
* Competitors
* Distributions
* Dealers
* Suppliers
* Facilitators

Starbucks’ approach to expansion goes beyond the traditionally accepted methods. Their unique approach to expansion goes beyond the traditionally accepted methods. Starbucks has broken the rules and set a new standard amongst its competitors - targeting both males and females, ranging in age from 18-30 year olds, and middle to upper middle class. Starbucks caters to all needs; they offer non-caffeinated drinks, for children or non-coffee drinkers, sandwiches, sweets, and a variety of juices and pastries. Locations of all stores are carefully selected for convenience and Starbucks specifically targets places that are heavy with pedestrian street traffic. Starbucks has leased space in supermarkets, airports, and shopping centres. Offering numerous locations in a small area assures that customers have choices, and that the choice remains Starbucks. Their expansion into numerous countries has them leading the world in a coffee revolution. Locations include, but are not limited to; Australia, Austria, Beijing, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Shanghai, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Technology is important to a company in order to achieve success. The level of technology determines the industrial productivity, new products and services, cost and accessibility of services etc. Starbucks is continuously searching for ways to better a customers' experience. With the introduction of the Starbucks Card for example, the Company has created the opportunity to improve customer service, shorten lines and make a customer's visit at Starbucks quicker and more convenient.  Culture

Starbucks ultimate goal is to provide a third place outside of work and home. Providing a place where people can relax and enjoy top-quality coffee and coffee-related products, while creating an atmosphere of comfort and belonging. A large piece of the Starbucks culture is a strong focus on environmental awareness and preservation. Starbucks Corporation takes their role to society very seriously. The Corporate Social Responsibility Report addresses many social concerns and issues important to Starbucks. Political and Legal

Starbucks also only imports all their coffee beans, so possible threats could include a change in import laws. A change in the status quo as far as imports go could greatly affect numerous areas of production for the company. For example, if it costs more to import or the process is made more difficult the result could ultimately be a change in price, which would affect the level of consumption for Starbucks coffees. Markets

The hot drinks market is the largest in the world, accounting for roughly a fifth of all global sales. Despite this leading position, the market has been performing badly for a number of years with growth rates consistently negative, and thus the market steadily shrinking. One of the main strengths of Starbucks over the years has been their tireless effort to make their product an uplifting part of people's daily lives. Starbucks' strategy for expanding...
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