Starbucks: Consumer Behavior

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  • Published : April 20, 2011
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Consumer Behavior
Homework Assignment 2: STARBUCKS

1. Five things based on my experience with Starbucks
* Starbucks is the largest coffee-house chain which has stores in many countries throughout the world including Japan. * Starbucks has nice and original product’s design and coffee house’s decoration. * Putting a lot of effort in expanding business both by expanding its market (to developing countries) and its products’ variety (the newly-released instant coffee) * Starbucks stores in Japan have very limited and rarely-changed menu compared to the stores in other developed countries. * Starbucks has recently been facing with criticism for the negative impacts of its expansion.

2. Five things I like or dislike about Starbucks:
* Like the fast service
* Like the distinct flavor of coffee
* Like the decoration and design of the store
* Dislike the limited and rarely-changed menu of Starbucks in Japan * Dislike the coffee sold in convenience stores because all the original flavors are lost. 3. Five behaviors involved in buying a gourmet coffee drink from Starbucks: * Going for a coffee with colleagues at lunch time

* Going shopping with friends and needing a place to rest * First time traveling to the US from a country without Starbucks stores * Trying other cheaper coffee from different brands but not feeling as satisfied * Passing by a Starbucks store while feeling like drinking coffee 4. Five things Starbucks does in the environment to influence consumer’s coffee purchase. * In 2004, Starbucks began reducing the size of their paper napkins and store garbage bags, and lightening their solid waste production by 816.5 metric tons (1.8 million pounds) * Starbucks is wasting 23.4 million litres of water a day by leaving a tap constantly running for rinsing utensils in a 'dipper well' in each of its stores. * Starbucks changed their cups’ materials from plastic #1...
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