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【摘 要】本文将从星巴克在全球营销和扩张中所遇到的可控因素和不可控因素开始论述。任何跨国公司在进入其他国家和占领新市场份额前都应该充分考虑可控因素和不可控因素,星巴克也不例外。本文的第二部分将分析星巴克在发展中遇到的风险并提出相应的解决方案,这些解决办法将会给其他跨国公司带来一定的借鉴作用。另外,本文还批判了星巴克对房产的掠夺性侵占这一霸占市场份额的手段,也分析了这一方法为星巴克带来的有利之处。以上的讨论可以为星巴克的进一步发展,尤其是在日本的发展提供了可循之路。这也是本文最后要解决的问题,即星巴克在日本如何提高销售量。这个案例分析,为其他跨国公司的发展树立了很好的榜样。

【关键词】 星巴克 营销理念 危机 解决方法 日本

Starbucks’ Marketing Philosophy and Its Development in Japan

【Abstract】This paper will start from the controllable and uncontrollable elements that Starbucks faces in its global marketing and expansion. These elements are unavoidable that any multinational companies should deeply consider when entering the other countries and occupying the new market shares, Starbucks is no exception. In the second part of this paper, the analysis of its risks and the pros and cons of its corporate strategy will be discussed and the outcome can give many lessons for Starbucks’ further development, especially in Japan, which this paper will talk about in the last part. Through this case study, this paper tries to show the proper marketing strategies of Starbucks and aims to give a good example for other multinational companies.

【Keywords】Starbucks marketing philosophy risks solutions Japan



2.The Elements Considered When Entering Global Markets6

2.1The Controllable Elements6

2.2The Uncontrollable Elements8
2.2.1.The Political Forces8
2.2.2.The Economic Forces9
2.2.3.The Cultural Forces9
2.2.4.The Competitive Forces9

3.The Risks and Solutions for Starbucks Company9

3.1The Saturation in the U.S. Market9

3.2The Shortage of Money Overseas10

3.3The Dissatisfaction from Its Staff10

3.4The Difficulty to Attract the Generation X11

4.“The Predatory Real Estate” of Starbucks11

5.Starbucks in Japan12

5.1Providing More Non-coffee Items12

5.2Fast Speed Service12

5.3A High-speed Wireless Internet Service12




Works Cited13

Starbucks’ Marketing Philosophy and Its Development in Japan


Starbucks is an American global coffee company and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, with 20366 stores in 61 countries. Starbucks, which is equivalent to the word “coffee”, sells hot and cold drinks, coffee beans, salads, and other snack items (Wikipedia). Starbucks gives all multinational companies a successful example to learn and follow the way that it deals with the global environment and the challenges.

The Elements Considered When Entering Global Markets

1 The Controllable Elements

The controllable elements include the production, the styles of operation and even the enterprise culture. In this part, the controllable elements will be mainly distributed to the 4Ps of marketing. As the Marketing Mix (The 4P’s of Marketing) says: “Marketing decisions generally fall into the fallowing four controllable categories: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.” (NetMBA) The paper will discuss the elements according to the case.

1 Price

Price is the secondly important element for the sales. Before going to Italy, Starbucks has to prove its price and make a proper pricing strategy. Compared with the American’s $1.50 for an espresso, Italian coffee is cheaper than U.S. In northern Italy, the price is 67cents, in the south, just 55cents. However, Starbucks seldom sales products at any discount or low cost. “Sales promotion is not everything.(63)” Therefore,Starbucks will not meet the needs of most common people who are interested in coffee. As a way to project the sales, I think the Starbucks can put up with products at a lower...
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