Topics: Coffee, Espresso, Coffeehouse Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: June 27, 2012
Starbuck’s is the biggest coffee shop and is unique with excellent customer service. The founder is Howard Schwartz. Starbucks is always a place where people can just go to relax and drink their coffee beverage. Starbucks provide a top of the line quality of whole bean coffee, freshly brewed.

There employees are called Barista, which they will have to be knowledgeable and know the different flavors of coffee’s that are provided along with the other things on the menu. Their employees will be provided with their training program which also includes classes that they will have to attend and they are called “Brewing the Perfect Cup”. So the Barista’s are able to use the brewing espresso machines to make it look appling for the customer. Also follow all the health and safety rules and regulations provide a positive attitude at all times. Greet and thank all customers and invite them to come back. Always provide service with a smile and with eye contact.

The job specifications you should at least be a high school graduate and have at least one year of customer service and some retail experience will help, be able to work in fast paced environment, be a team player, friendly, motivated, polite, outgoing. Be able to use a cash register, lift boxes and put the merchandise on the shelves, be able to stand for a long period of time. You will have to pass a background check.

The departmentalization that Starbucks should use is the Ideology which is an organization's unique vision that they have, with their theories, culture, and traditions that will contribute to its structure (Reilly 2011). Should us the Departmentalization of Function since all the coffee lovers love their single product which is coffee. The best roasted coffee, handcrafted beverages, coffee products, excellent service and they are dedicated to their product to produce the best coffee experience to customers (Starbucks, 2011). I do not think that Starbuck’s form should be...
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