Star Foods

Topics: Mother, Father, Parent Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: October 25, 2012
You and Your Parent’s Expectations
Star Food is a psychological story that focuses on the expectations of the parents and their teenager’s success. His father wants him to become an objective, work orientated man while his mother wants him to be a man of “worldly curiosity” (19). He never seems to be able to amount to much. Even when he sets out to try to be more ambitious and catch the shoplifters, he ends up letting them go.  He simply does not have the passion, ambition, and drive that his parents have. After a series of events Dade reaches a conclusion. He lets the woman whom he caught stealing go as a rebellion against his parents symbolizing his own independent thoughts. If he cannot meet his parent’s expectations, he should follow his own way of life.

In the past, at age 12, Dade has tried his best to please his mother and father. He did his chores for the supermarket but one day his mom comes up to him and explains her theory of “limited fame” (106). It was then that Dade started sitting on the roof and just thinking. To his dismay after six years, “there was nothing that struck me and stayed, though, nothing with the brilliance of white light or electric explosion that I thought came with discovery.” (199). He had failed his mother.

Dade has been trying to work to the expectations of his father as a young age as well. His dad had been “trying to teach me competence and industry” (328). Since he was nine “I have been squeeze-drying mops before returning them to the closet, double-counting change, sweeping under the lip of the vegetable bins even if the dirt there was invisible to the customers.” (330). When he points out the woman has been stealing, his father assigns him the job of catching her. To his dad’s disappointment, Dade fails numerous times. To instill a sense of duty, he hires Mr. Sellers, a young security guard. Mr. Sellers would “be trying to decide whether he was looking at the shoplifter” (620) and “He smiled at the customers and held...
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