Edge of the Water

Topics: Los Angeles, Gang, Protagonist Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: April 17, 2013
On The Edge Of The Water

Teens growing up in modern America face challenges daily that help them grow into a productive member of society. In the book, Edgewater Angels by Sandro Meallet, the story is set in the projects of San Pedro, California, a heavily gang influenced town that is a part of Los Angeles. The book exposes the youthfulness of Sunny Toomer, a mischievous teen always faced with the decision between right and wrong in a neighborhood where you can get jumped for walking on the wrong side of the street. Sunny is just trying to find a way out of this life-style he was born into. Not such an easy task when you grow up with a single mother who works hard to provide for her son, and a father who has met his son only a few times. Sunny and his friends face a lot of challenges throughout the novel and they always manage to find a way to weasel themselves out of it with the help of Sunny’s cleverness and ability to think on his feet. Sunny Toomer’s goal that he wishes to achieve is to get out of San Pedro and live a good life. Edgewater Angels is both heartwarming and exciting because where the author set the story (San Pedro), the use of the character Tom-Su, and Sunny Toomer’s library that he spends most of his free time.

The story takes place in the projects of San Pedro, California. San Pedro is known for gang violence and drug trafficking. The main character Sunny Toomer and his friends all live here. Having the story take place in such a low-income neighborhood really sets the tone for the whole book. It makes the reader really connect emotionally to Toomer because of his dream is to succeed in school and eventually live a better life. I feel bad for him because it’s hard enough to have goals and aspirations as a kid. It’s especially hard for Toomer because of where he lives. Basing the book in San Pedro also makes for a lot of entertainment for the reader. Toomer and his friends face problems and dilemmas throughout Edgewater...
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