Standard Deviation and Percentage

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Remington’s Steakhouse Project
Brian Jones
Research Methods & Applications
Dr. Jones
August 25, 2011

Table of Contents
Table of Contents2
List of Tables3
The Research Objectives4
The Research Questions5
Literature Review6
Answers to Research Questions8
Recommendations to Remington’s15
Annotated Bibliography19

List of Tables
Table 1 Demographic Description of the Average Remington’s Patron9 Table 2 Reported Income by Remington’s Questionnaire Respondents9 Table 3 Importance Ratings when Selecting a Restaurant11
Table 4 Perception Measures of Remington’s Steakhouse Patrons12 Table 5 Relationship Measures of Remington’s Steakhouse Patrons12 Table 6 Patron Perception Verses Importance Ratings13
Table 7 Correlation of Customer Satisfaction and Perception Measures13 Table 8 Regression P-values on Perception Measures14
Table 9 Regression P-values on Perception Measures without Quick Service15 Table 10 Correlation Results for the Perception Questions22
Table 11A – 11H Summary Statistics22
Table 12 Summary Output30

Remington’s Steakhouse is a single location restaurant in Tampa Florida. Patron data has been collected recently by the survey method of data collection to understand customer perception and Remington’s performance.

The purpose of this study is to ascertain customer’s restaurant selection criteria, performance perceptions and the overall satisfaction with Remington’s. This goal is achieved by a review of the Remington’s survey data and survey methodology, categorize the most/least important restaurant selection criteria of patrons, discussion of patron’s perceptions on performance indicators and consider patron satisfaction with Remington’s.

This study will evaluate six research questions in the context of the statistical data analysis from patron’s responses to the survey questions. Recommendations concurrent with this analysis can be used to direct future Remington’s decisions aligning them with customer’s perceptions. The Research Objectives

The overall purpose of this study is to evaluate the customer satisfaction, perceptions and other demo graphical information of Remington’s Steakhouse Patrons. The information from the survey will answer the following objectives: 1. The use of survey research design and the effectiveness of the type used relative to research designs of others will be discussed. The benefits of survey research will be weighed against the other modes of data collection. 2. A demographic profile of the average current Remington patron will be determined. 3. Remington’s Patrons most important factors in selecting a restaurant will be identified. Conversely, the least important factors will also be identified from the research data. 4. Six measures of customer perception will be calculated and discussed; has large portions, has competent employees, has excellent food quality, has quick service, has a good atmosphere and has reasonable prices. 5. Remington’s ability to deliver on the characteristics that patrons want when selecting a restaurant will be evaluated. 6. The relationship, if any, between satisfaction with Remington’s and the four perceptions of has large portions, has competent employees, has excellent food quality and has quick service. The Research Questions

A further understanding of the research objectives can be gained through the comprehensive examination of the research questions. These questions will seek to clearly define the context and perceptions of the patrons of Remington’s Steakhouse. The study will also determine if relationships exist between company goals and patron responses as they pertain to the following six questions. 1. What is the method of collecting data and how does that method compare with other forms of data collection? Are there inherent weaknesses in each method? What have other companies done to obtain similar data? 2....
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