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Walmart Stakeholders

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world that is steadily growing and seeking to develop ways of meeting the needs of their stakeholders. In our textbook, stakeholders are defined as “people who stand to gain or lose by the policies and activities of a business and whose concerns the business needs to address” (Nickels, McHugh & McHugh, 2009). Walmart has several internal and external stakeholders that keep the business at the top of the retail market. Each stakeholder has its own special interest in the company which contributes to Walmart being so effective.

Sam Walton who is the founder of Walmart, had a vision of creating lower prices to help people afford their necessities. Having these ethics provides the framework for Walmarts growth. Walmart has grown to be one of the biggest businesses in the world because of Sam Walton’s vision. He would be considered to be the main internal stakeholder . There are stakeholders in the stock market as well. Investors purchase shares in Walmart in return for a profit. If Walmart continues to increase and expand, stocks will go up thus creating a profit for the investor which also helps the company too. If the store decreases its earnings, then the shareholders might take their money and invest in something else which would take away from the company. Consumers are the largest contributing factor why Walmart is one of the most profitable retailers in the world. By sticking to its affordability motto, Walmart will continually bring in profits and save people money so they can live better. With prices hard to beat anywhere else, consumers continue to choose Walmart over the other competitors. As long as they are satisfied, customers will be why Walmart remains on top. Another stakeholder that is vital to keeping Walmart at a high level is their employees. They keep the store presentable, assist customers, and provide training to help each other with...
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