Stakeholder Orientation

Topics: Business ethics, Morality, Reinforcement Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Stakeholder orientation- DEGREE – which a firm UNDERSTAND AND ADDRESS s DEMAND * Comprises 3 set of activities
* -the organization wide generation of data about stakeholder group & ASSESSMENT of the firm’s effect on these group * The distribution of this information throughout the firm * The ORGANIZATION RESPONSIVENESS as a whole to this intelligence. 2) BEGINS identify the relevant stakeholder , the RS should be analyzed on the basis of power that enjoy as well as by the ties between them. The firm should characterized the concern about the business conduct that relevant stakeholder shares. Information – formal research ( survey, focus group, intenet searches) ++++Forum (shell) informally Variety employees involved in the generation of information, This intelligence circulated thourout the firm. This requires facilitate the communication of information about the nature of relevant stakeholder communities, stakeholder issues and the current impact of the firm to all member of the organization. The responsiveness of the organization to stakeholder intelligence consist of initiavie that the firm adopts to ensure abide by or exceed stakeholder expectation and has positive impact on stakeholder issue. (family friendly work schedule) Corporate citizenship

Used to express the extent to which the business strategically to meet the economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities placed on them by their various stakeholder 4 interrelated dimension –strong sustain of economic performance, rigorous compliance , ethical action beyond what the law require, voluntary contribution that advance the reputation and stakeholder commitment of the organization, a firm commitment to CC indicates strategic focus on fulfilling the social responsibilities that stakeholder expect of it. CC involves acting on the firm comminment to the CC philosophy and measuring the extent to which its follows through by actually implementing citizenship initiative....
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