Stages of a Child

Topics: Middle school, Elementary school, Childhood Pages: 3 (1067 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Jermesala Bailey
January 26, 2012
Research Report #1
As a child move up from a certain periods of specific age levels their educational environment changes. They all begin at infancy period, birth-2 years. At this period of age these kids are sheltered in an educational environment of a daycare center where they are depending on caregivers. They are an environment where everything is much sanitized and close for their abilities to reach. At the infancy period kids like colors and are very attractive to colors, so their educational environment are filled with a lot of bright colors. In the infancy educational environment there are soft furniture so there want be any harm to the kids. Kids move from infancy period and approach early childhood period, 2-6 years of age. At early childhood period kids are placed in a small classroom with little chairs to talk to each other. At this period kids are using their imaginations with using the little dress-up clothes and playing with the kitchen sets and also being taught to interact with others, such as playing on slides, playing with blocks, and any other games with others. They are learning to color and draw which makes them become creative. At this age they are potty trained, so their educational environment has toilet seats that are reachable for them. Also at early childhood it is a good thing to teach kids how to clean up behind their selves or organize things, so they have shelves for storage in their educational environment. Kids then progress to middle childhood period, 6-10 years of age, were there educational environment has more to do with their cognitive development skills. In middle childhood educational environment the kids are learning more from a book that involves reading and writing. They have words to learn and be taught. Even at this age they learn about the world. At the middle childhood kids in an educational environment kids are not sitting with their teacher doing one on one lessons, they are...
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