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Public policy refers to the product of activities aimed at the resolution of public problems in the environment by different actors whose relationship is structured and this process involves overtime .Public process involves developmental series of stages ,which interacts with each other for the outcome of expected results. Public policy stages can be also called public policy cycle as it is a continuous process. There are six different stages of public policy which include agenda setting, policy formulation, policy implementation, policy evaluation, and policy change and policy termination. However there are some of the scholars which took problem definition as the first stage. Some scholars define public policy stages in a different way as: Conveyer belt in which issues are first recognised as a problem ,course of action are considered ,and policies are adopted ,implemented by agency personnel ,evaluated changed and finally terminated on the basis of their success .(Stewart, etal 2008) Problem definition

Baker (2001),put problem definition as the first stage ,before agenda setting ,but Stewart ,etal (2008) , considered agenda setting as the first stage. Problem definition is where the problem is identified and possible solutions are explored through research and analysis .During this stage ,thus were the problem will be still knew in the community or in other words it will be the news of the time in the community. Agenda setting

Many scholars the majority in fact considers, agenda setting as the first stage of public policy .At this stage efforts are used to raise the profile of the problem and possible solutions amongst decision makers .John Kindon, defines agenda setting as the list of subjects or problems to which government officials are paying some serious attention at any given time. Typical strategies of agenda setting include community organising,...
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