Stages of Ethical Development

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Individualism Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Stages of Ethical Development
Tiffany Bennett
Argosy University
Dr. Jack Isbell

In most cultures we believe that what is right for you will more than likely be wrong for me and this is how our world operates on a daily basis. This thought is based off of what philosophers would call individual moral relativism. Morality is based off of many different choices and these choices vary depending on the individuals ethics.

Today we will venture into other areas of relativism. We will look at individualism, culture and, Kohlberg’s ideas or relativism. The individualist enters into society to further their own interests they do not take into consideration the interest of their society. Cultural thinkers are brought up in different cultures with different lifestyles. If we did not live in a melting pot society we would not have diverse cultural thinkers. In the developmental section we will focus on Kohlberg’s ideas of developmental ideas. Individualism

An Individualist comes into society to further their own interests, or at least seeks out their right to serve their own interest, without taking the interest of society into consideration. Groups and society differ due to their predominantly individualistic and are only interested in self gain, whereas groups tend to have more of a group orientation mind set. Different societies have different distinctions. Japan for instance believes you will bring shame upon one’s ancestors, as opposed to a society where your peer is looked at for feedback on whether a particular action is acceptable or not. Cultural

Everyone is brought up in different cultures and different lifestyles. If it was not for the different cultures around us we would not have distinction in our melting pot society or morals and beliefs. This again brings in my feelings of everyone is different for a reason. If our cultures are not different than our world would be dull and boring. We would know...
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