Stages of Development of the LV Company

Topics: Scientific method, Qualitative research, Sociology Pages: 4 (1170 words) Published: September 15, 2008
Firstly, the research will identify the history in the form of background information and stages of development of the LV Company. Secondly, LV’s marketing strategy and management style will be examined, especially in the form of market identification and development, brand development and brand image promotion, human resource management etc., which are the factors that contribute to LV’s world leading position in the fashion industry today. Meanwhile, relevant theories will be applied in order to give detailed analysis of the company’s strategy. Thirdly, LV’s current performance will be examined and future suggestion for the company’s development will be given at the end.

Research paradigms
“Research paradigm is a set of belief and assumptions about the world and about how the research should be conducted. It offers a framework compromising a set of theories, methods and ways of defining data.” (SHU Blackboard, 2008) There are two main types of research paradigms, which are the ‘positivist’ and the ‘interpretivist’ / ‘phenomenological’ paradigms. The differences between the two types of paradigms are shown in the table below:

ASSUMPTIONSObjective world which science can 'mirror' with privileged knowledgeIntersubjective world which science can represent with concepts of actors; social construction of reality

KEY FOCUS or IDEASSearch for contextual and organizational variables which cause organizational actionsSearch for patterns of meaning

KEY THEORIES IN PARADIGMContingency theory; systems theory; population ecology; transaction cost economics of organizing; dustbowl empiricismSymbolic interaction; ethnomethodology; phenomenology; hermeneutics

KEY FIGURESLorsch and Lawrence; Hannan and Freeman; Oliver WilliamsonGoffman; Garfinkel, Schutz; Van Maanen, David Silverman

GOAL OF PARADIGMUncover truth and facts as quantitatively specified relations among variablesDescribe meanings, understand members'...
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