Srap Yard B Plan

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Pernem Waste Management Industrial Estate

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18th March 2013

Pernem Waste Management Industrial Estate
SCRAP yards are not pretty places. It is difficult, perhaps even impossible, to store scrap, which comes in varying shapes and sizes, in neat rows or pile it like groceries on the shelf  in a super market. Scrap does not lend itself to neatness and this is one reason why these yards are detested–because they interfere with the landscape. However, these scrap yards serve an important economic and environmental purpose. We planned to make an Industrial Area for almost 381 scrap yard industries in Goa which most of them are located in the residential area and working illegally. For each scrap yard industry that will decide to settle in our industrial area we will be paying them Rs. 2,00,000 loan @ 10% interest rate for period of 2 years just to help them in the startup cost which they will be facing will transferring their business into our industrial area. In this industrial area the 3 stakeholders who have started this business will build one Scraps Recycling Industry as a source of income and also to provide easier and faster opportunities for those scrap yard industries which are coming here, to sell their scraps faster with lesser costs.

Recycling is an excellent way of saving energy and conserving the environment. The foundation of our company is committed to the environment and providing waste solutions.

To revolutionize the ways of waste management in an environmentally sound manner, through cost effective and efficient solutions; by employing the technology; while contributing a greater value to the economy.

Set up a trade zone for the scrapyard industry to work out in a systematic manner

Layout of Industrial Estate

The industrial estate situated in Pernem at a distance of around 9 Km from the highway in a (100 acres = 4,047,000 square meter) area. This estate will be a permanent location for all scrapyard industries as it is far from the residential area and does not create any kind of health and environmental problems for the residents of Goa.

Types of scraps – Nature of the scrap

Metal Scrap
* Ferrous is a metal classification that includes magnetic materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel and iron. Ferrous metals tend to be heavy and dense, although they do tend to corrode more easily than non-ferrous metals. Non-Ferrous

* Non-ferrous metals contain no iron and are not magnetic. Brass, aluminum, copper, bronze, tin, lead, magnesium, pewter and zinc are among the metals in this group. Wire
* Wire should be separated so it can be weighed and graded. Automotive
* Metal recyclers also take automobiles and automotive motors. Appliances
* Appliances should be dismantled into plastic, metals and wires. Plastic waste
PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)
* Fizzy drink bottles, oven-ready meal trays and water bottles HDPE (High-density polyethylene)
* Milk bottles, detergent bottles, yogurt and margarine tubs, cereal box liners and grocery, trash and retail bags PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)
* Cling film (plastic food wrap), vegetable oil bottles, loose-leaf binders and construction products such as plastic pipes LDPE (Low-density polyethylene)
* Dry cleaning bags, produce bags, trash can liners, bread bags, frozen food bags and squeezable bottles, such as mustard and honey PP (Polypropylene)
* Ketchup bottles, medicine bottles, aerosol caps and drinking straws.
* Computers
* Televisions
* Cell Phones
* Some more e-wastes

Glass scrap
* Glass bottles
* Bangles
* Mirrors, windshields and window glass
* Light bulbs

Include the economic benefit, sectorial growth, industry status, profitability & advantages of these industries Recycling saves...
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