Scope of Work for Road Construction

Topics: Surface runoff, Water pollution, Water Pages: 14 (3021 words) Published: April 4, 2011
Green Guide for Roads

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Matthew Clark

Christopher Paulli

Zachary Tetreault

Justin Thomas

Advisors: Rajib Mallick and Fred Hart

Table of Contents
Scope of Work3
Chosen Credits6
MR Credit 3: Recycled Content6
MR Credit 4: Long Life Pavements6
Life Cycle Analysis:6
Construction Activity Pollution Prevention:7
MR Credit 2: Construction Waste Management7
Stormwater Management:8
CI Credit 3 Visual Elements9
CI Credit 2 Light Pollution9
MFA Credit 3: Bicycle Lanes/Paths10
MFA Credit 4: Bicycle Parking10
MFA Credit 5: Bicycle Facility Design10
Energy & Atmosphere10
Credit 1: Infrastructure Energy Efficiency10
Credit 2: Volatile Organic Compounds11
Credit 3: Local Materials11


This document is the scope of work for our ADC project, developing a green guide for Drilling Rigs. With the world’s climate, global and community changes, it is apparent that there needs to be a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for all Operations. In Saudi Arabia, as well as other parts of the world there are already documents and practices currently in place for sustainability in the Oil and Gas fields.

This project will be spanning a 3 month period, where further development and understanding of the topic of sustainability, as well as further development of the green guide for Drilling Rigs. The project will produce developed sections from the current guide that will help the further research and development of the document.


1. Main goal for this project will be to further develop and improve the operations by segregating waste at the source.

2. In addition to the development of the “Green Guide”, design and literary research information will also be produced upon completion of this project.

3. A formal presentation will be prepared and provided to ADC, as well as the Oil and Gas companies interested in the project. The presentation for ADC will outline the project results and recommendations for the “Green Guide for Drilling Rigs.” Presentation will encompass the project results and recommendations.


1. Conduct literature review

a. Case Studies

b. Thesis inquiries

c. Internet resources

d. Journals, articles, and other publications

e. Interviews with industry leaders

2. Comparison to other road and transportation sustainable rating guides


b. WA State

3. Assess current practices

a. Province and national level

i. Transportation Association of Canada

ii. Moving On Sustainable Transportation (MOST)

b. International (US and Europe)

c. Use of sustainable design

i. i.e. recycled asphalt pavement

4. Determine feasibility of credit intents

a. Choose specific credits

b. Analyze credit attainability

c. Ensure credits exceed standard practices

5. Project deliverables

a. Project proposal

b. Weekly progress reports

c. Final credit recommendations

d. Stantec final presentation

e. WPI report/capstone design

f. WPI final presentation

Scope of Work

General Weekly Plan:

Monday: Organize for the week. Set up potential interviews, writing, research etc etc.

Tuesday/Wednesday: Conduct interviews, review sources, gather information.

Thursday: Collaboration of work, finalization of undone tasks. Begin preparation for weekly report

Friday: Prepare for conference call and conduct weekly progress report.

Week 1

1. Orientation

Week 2

1. Review...
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