Topics: Slavery in the United States, Slavery, American Civil War Pages: 3 (1239 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Guadalupe Olazaba
History 120 T-R 10:15 am

The Civil War
At the time in history, economic and moral differences led to dispute between the North and the South. Even though, they had some business and organization, anyways, they had had disagreed over tariffs, slavery, and western lands, eventually these dispute led to The Civil War. On the time of history, we had many great soldiers and military leaders, such as, William Wheeler and Charles Colcock Jones Jr., William Wheeler, Captain of New York’s Thirteenth Artillery. At early age he was interested on literature and read books. He was a very educated in law, came from a wealthy family. He was from the Union. He fought in many important battles, as a matter of fact; it made the difference at the victory on The Civil War. Also, always look forward to improve the life of the soldiers. For example, he always looks the way to though the soldier to read. The contribution to the Civil War was always his main factor on life. On time when he came from a trip from home, he wrote to his mom “a quiet feeling of satisfaction and contentment, happiness in being back at my work again.” His abolitions views helped the election of Abraham Lincoln. He knew the military was his life, and also he will die on it. On the other hand, Charles Colcock Jones Jr. lieutenant colonel of the Georgia Artillery was a dedicated soldier of the Confederacy. At the same way like Wheeler, Colcock wrote letters whit details that the life on The Civil War, against the enemy. He also, described on his letters scenes in which the lives of blacks and whites mingled in common sentiment. He was a favor of slavery. In his mind, master and slaves in Georgia constituted a genuine community. He also, was proud to be on the military. Jones wrote a letter to his parent saying “he would gladly give his life in support of southern honor, nationality, and principles.” On the author point of...
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