Spot Raids in Schools – Are Students’ Rights Being Compromised?

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: May 13, 2013
The basic reason we were sent to school was to acquire knowledge. According to the constitution of South Africa all citizens have the right to basic education, but students are violating their rights by engaging in illegal activities. The education in schools nationwide has been affected by a vast number of problems: drug and alcohol abuse, smoking, carrying of illegal weapons and cell phones to schools. Schools are been victimized by these problems daily therefore I believe that school raids should be encouraged as they are protecting the future of students. The distraction of students are displayed in their failure to perform well and in their social conduct. The school’s code of conduct states in black and white that no illegal items and activities should be carried out on the school premises. This is clear to all students before they become official students of the institution. Students practice smoking openly at schools. There are also several cases of drug and alcohol abuse. This invites theft and fights between learners. The required age for smoking is eighteen years and the use of alcohol is twenty one years. Students are disobeying the countries legislations and the schools code of conduct. Cell phones are carried regularly to schools and in some cases used as a communication device during exams. Furthermore the usage of cell phones are causing a distraction to the young minds. They are able to log on to illegal disturbing websites. Learners also carry illegal weapons. This is a threat to learners and teachers. Educators need to leave their classes to attend to the misconduct. Parents need to leave their busy day at work as well to come to school and attain to their children’s misconduct. Since the young generation is the future of the country they need to be steered correctly. The reminder of spot raids in their minds would definitely part fear and remind them not to conduct any illegal activities. This will promote a safer environment and...
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