Topics: Ryder Cup, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Snooker Pages: 3 (1173 words) Published: February 22, 2013
1. The actions of the US Golf team at the 1999 Ryder Cup, received a lot of media attention. The result of the Cup came down to the 17th hole, which was a play-off between the US player Justin Leonard, and the European player Jose Maria Olazabal. Both players found themselves with difficult birdie shots. Leonard made an amazing 45-foot putt to claim a birdie. The American team started dancing and cheering on the green. However Olazabal hadn’t shot yet. If Olazabal made his 22-foot putt for birdie, the match would be tied, and move on to another hole. Olazabal couldn’t take his shot until all of the players, wives and fans had been cleared from the green. With his focus completely destroyed, Olazabal missed the putt.

2. The actions of the Australian cricket team in 1981, when playing New Zealand, were condemned both in Australia and by the Cricket community internationally. Australia was bowling and there was only one ball left to be bowled in the match. New Zealand needed 6 runs to tie the match. The Australian Captain ordered the bowler, Trevor Chappell, to roll the ball down the wicket, ensuring that the New Zealand batsman could not possibly hit a 6. The batsman swatted away the ball and threw down his bat and walked off. The bowl was widely criticized as being against the spirit of the game.

3. One of the more famous bad sports in tennis, Lleyton Hewitt, was the victim of bad sportsmanship in a match at the 2005 Australian Open. The bad sportsmanship occurred in a match against Juan Ignacio Chela. Hewitt won a vital game in the match, and yelled his trademark “C”mon!’. This seemed to upset Chela, and as the two walked to their chairs after the game, Chela spat in Hewitt’s direction. Chela was fined $2000 US Dollars for the incident.

4. The world of snooker is not one that is generally associated with bad sportsmanship; however a famous incident did occur at the 1996 Snooker World Championship. Ronnie O’Sullivan, often described as the bad...
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