Sports in Cultures Other Than America

Topics: Sumo, Major League Baseball, Sport in Japan Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: March 6, 2013
For my first international sports section I got something out of the Japan Times. At first glance I saw that soccer looked to be what they covered most because it was the main picture and had the first tab. I looked to see what soccer teams were being covered and I saw that it was all team, from local professional Japanese teams to the English Premiere League. This tells me that soccer is a big time sport in Japan because they seem to care about all leagues of soccer. The next sport that was on the Japanese paper was basketball. With the basketball I was surprised to see that the NBA was making news over in Japan, I expected to see their own league making most of the headlines but it was just the other way around. This shows how the NBA is a worldwide league and people of all cultures seem to be attracted to it. After the basketball section they had a section devoted to baseball. The main article for the baseball section was about the upcoming WBC (World Baseball Classic). It talked about the roster of the Japanese team and went into dept on some of the players on the team. I also saw how like basketball, baseball too had coverage of the American based league. News from the MLB was covered fairly deep in the Japanese paper. When thinking of why the MLB and the NBA was covered but the NFL wasn’t at all, I figured that there are a higher number of Japanese players in the MLB and NBA compared to a very low number in the NFL. Lastly I saw that the newspaper had a section devoted to Sumo. This is something new to me, I have new read anything about Sumo. They had news about the weights and matches of Sumos all across Japan. Overall the Japanese sport section covered around 50% Japanese sports and 50% American sports this is proof of the great impact of American sport. The next paper I looked at was from the UK Times. In this section there was mainly soccer or what is football to them. Soccer was no doubt the most important sport to these people. They had news from the...
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