Barriers and Cultural Influences on Sport and Exercise Participation

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Barriers and Cultural Influences on Sport and Exercise participation

Medical Conditions: Medical conditions are a barrier in sport and exercise participation as they usually reduce someone’s ability to compete in a sport at either to a required level or even completely leave them unable to participate in a sport. Medical conditions could apply to people with either a physical or mental disability which includes for example people with amputated limbs which is a physical disability and also cerebral palsy which is a mental disability. Medical conditions stop participation in sport in many ways, whether an individual can compete at a certain level of a sport or any form of the sport at all really depends on the type and severity of their medical condition. An example of a sportsperson experiencing a barrier through their medical condition would be Oscar Pistorius who is a Paralympic sprinter and has lost both lower parts of his legs. The barrier which he experiences is that he cannot compete on the same level playing field as Olympic sprinters due to his condition.

There are 2 initiatives to overcome this barrier; the first being the creation of the Paralympics which allows disabled athletes to compete against other disabled athletes which allows for them to compete on a level playing field and also create more fair competition for the athletes. The other initiative is for prosthetic limbs to be created for Oscar Pistorius and other disable athletes which replicate actual limbs. This creation of the prosthetic limbs allows people such as Oscar Pistorius to be able to compete alongside Olympic athletes should they be able to actually qualify and compete, even though there remains to be controversy surrounding this idea. I think that it is unfair for Oscar Pistorius to be allowed into Olympic competition as he will not experience fatigue in his lower legs like the other athletes will do, this will give him an advantage over the other athletes.

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