Sports Facilities in Nepal's Public Schools

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1.1Background of the Study

It is believed that the history of sports had begun from the primitive society. The primitive man used to play knowingly or unknowingly. They used to perform various physical activities for their own distinct purposes: Later on their physical activities developed as the sports and games. Sports and physical education are correlated each other. Without one existence we even cannot imagine about other existence. Physical education and sports activities help individual of any age group or profession to keep their health in good condition. It also helps to control high blood pressure, heart diseases, lung diseases, neurological problems, skeleton problem, etc.

International sports had entered to our nation through the students, military, teachers, etc who have been to foreign land for their distinct purpose. Like football and cricket entered to Nepal in 1920's AD. In 1935, in Lalitpur, the first football competition was held for the first time. Development of sports during the Rana period was not satisfactory. The game like volleyball and athletic entered to Nepal in 1932 but these games were only limited to certain groups of family, Rana and their relatives. (as cited by Khadka:2009).

After 2007 BS, Association of Badminton, Tennis, Hockey and Football were established. Likewise, in 2015 BS, the Health and Sports Council was established in Nepal. In the context of physical education, in 2013 there was only one college, College of Education, where physical education was taught as compulsory formal subject.

After 2028 BS, the government had tried to adopt the uniform curriculum in all over the country. In that curriculum, physical education was included in faculty of education for teachers. After that the physical education program was started in proficiency certificate level and bachelor level as major and minor subject. According to the curriculum 2049, the health and physical education was kept as compulsory subject for class 1 to 8 and it was optional subject for class 9 and 10 which was adopted as compulsory subject from class 1 to 10 by 2028's plan. Similarly, health and physical was included as an optional subject in higher secondary schools. The physical education has been included in the course of M.Ed. since 2052 BS as specialization subject.

Physical education is an integral part of the general education process. Nowadays, physical education has a good role in the wholesome development of an individual; it is always directed toward producing desirable change in the total behaviour of an individual. Although physical education is concerned with all round development, its main concerned is with the physical development. So, there are many objectives of physical education but one of the most important objectives of this education is physical development. In this sense, physical education refers to the process of education that is development of the individuals. Physical activities and sports are only the media, which play a vital role to achieve the objectives of physical education. In Nepal, the sports have been developed as social recreation. The activities which are related to the earning of bread and self defense was also developed as sports, the activities which were concerned with the certain caste of groups turned into traditional sports.

There are many types of human movement elements, which are most necessary to perform physical activities. Force, power, strength, agility, flexibility, are some of the examples which are directly related to the physical education and sports activities. To teach physical education or involving in physical activities, these elements must teach and conduct test to improve student's performance. To develop, measure and evaluate the students' sports performance many types of equipments and facilities must be needed. Without required equipments and facilities nobody can perform and develop the skill properly....
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