Sport Policy in Kazakhstan

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Lecturer: Bhuiyan Shahjahan

Baidossov Dami
Temirkhan Guldana
Smailova Dariya

There is one way to rise up the whole health of nation/country. The only way that is possible to reach - through complex approaching in advertise of sport activities in the society. There is a fragments in the time sphere for instance beginning with 60’s that firstly was produced micro ovens, after computer, later IT technology was the major source of money, sooner internet went up and the point here is that many scholars forecasting wellness sphere. Paul Zane Pilzer in his book “Wellness revolution” mentioning that sport/wellness sphere is coming near to next trillion dollars at present time. It is a proof of the importance of the wellness revolution for the whole world/humanity. Most developed countries as France, UK, the Netherlands and others have strong laws, programs, acts in developing/rising sport activities. In the case of USA sport/wellness is the major point in all social spheres as in example building houses for living require to equip with wellness tools, any company should construct fields for tennis, soccer, any park/resort places have general wellness set. So, the American Psychological Association (APA) on the 109th annual convention represented “The benefits of playing Sport” that underlined Sport’s shades on the nation’s health mentioning about deterring drug use, positive effect on social competence, self esteem and right physiological grow of both boy/girl.

The project contains materials about Sport development in Kazakhstan its advantages and disadvantages, experience and gaps. As Kazakhstan trying find oneself in the list of 50 developed countries it is a big concern for GVT in attaining sport level that would build social competence at whole. Templates will be in use as example of Russia and USA that near to perfect level made a policy model in advertising wellness style of life.

Those developed countries, scientists confirming for us that rise/improvement of wellness/sport level/activities - is the cheapest way to hold, bound society with clear mind, healthy life and high self-esteem line of any individual.

Research objectives
-The major obstacles in the wellness development in Kazakhstan. -Major players in building wellness activity in Kazakhstan. -The key to solve the problem of ineffective and inefficient development of sport institutions in the country. -Policies that can be applicable to the solution of the problem of sport development in Kazakhstan. -Possible models in reaching policy program.

There were various types of getting to the real problem of sport in Kazakhstan and the best method is direct dialogue with any coach of any sport club. In the case of this project interview was held with coach of football team Kuznetcov Evgenii Ivanovich who is training Olympic reserve in Almaty (Temiryazeva – Baizakova str.). Also there some problems concerning the respondent, because he is the coach of Olympic reserve that hasn’t troubles with development as the Olympic reserve on the special count of government. So additionally was responded Chairman of Karate “Goju ryu” in Kazakhstan – Amangeldi Karmen. This is the case of free from government and on its own survival. According to the comments of Amangeldi Karmen biggest part of sport in Kazakhstan is private. According to “Kazinform” there more than 26,000 sport buildings, there need of specific approach to support those buildings and develop them. However in the reality those buildings, sport constructions are in the poor condition. Also there still lack of sport buildings and constructions for the Kazakhstan in whole. Another problems and troubles were extracted from interview with coaches. Flows and concepts of present...
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